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How To Deal With Nerves

Having problems with public presentation? Learn how to deal with nerves.

Learning How to Deal with Nerves

By virtue of being on this page, chances are that you are having problems with public presentation and are looking for information on how to deal with nerves. Discussed herein, are tips to assist you deal with anxiety. While you may not be able to overpower your nervousness overnight, these tips will enable you to deal with public presentation. The main reason why most people tend to find it hard to speak in public is because they are searching for instant solutions to nervousness, which is not possible. The key to realizing true calm, minus medications (i.e. tranquilizers), is in rehearsal. As such, we would like to share a couple of pointers that will enable you to appear calm amidst the competition.

First and foremost, the best means through which you can deal with nerves is to practice. Rehearse your presentation so much that you can do it even while sleeping. By doing so, you will have tuned your body on what to do even though your mind may desert you in the eleventh hour.

Whilst speaking, focus on breathing leisurely and deeply. Slow and steady breathing will not only prevent you from hyper-ventilating, but also ensure that there is a steady flow of oxygen into your system. Anxious folks have a propensity to take quick and slight breaths.

Prior to starting your public presentation, hum a tune and lower your voice a little bit. The subsequent din will sound less like the tone of an anxious mouse and more like a standard dialogue voice. In addition, try as much as possible to shun tense hand gestures. Do not act like Adam and offer yourself a fig leaf. Avoid wringing your hands the way substitute teachers do in an edgy classroom.

In learning how to deal with nervousness, it is important to put the whole situation into perspective. There is nothing which you need to be sacred of. For instance, does the world economy hinge on the outcome of your presentation? Are your peers going to die if you mess up even a little bit? Will you be able to remember this day 10 years down the line? There is no reason why you should be frightened by public presentation.

As stated earlier, there is no real formula on how to deal with nervousness. The secret is to rehearse your presentation beforehand. For example, if you are expected to speak before a group of investors, practice your speech whilst driving to the office.

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